Resources and FAQs


Legal Digest W-9

Find individual registration forms (for mailing or faxing in registrations)
on each individual event registration page.


Q: Can I register online with a purchase order?

A: Things have changed a little.  You can’t fully complete your registration online with a PO anymore.  You can, however, create a customized payment invoice that will send you an email with all of the info you need to generate a PO or check request, or request payment on a PO.  We now require payment (not just a PO) in order to complete a registration.  Registrations must be paid 7 days before the conference or workshop in question or payment will be required at the door.


Q: Are there multiple registration prices?

A: We no longer distinguish between Pay Now and PO pricing.  There is only 1 core price per conference.  However we may offer promo codes that give discounts.  Follow us on Twitter @legaldigest or on Facebook  – TX.Legal.Digest to be the first to receive notice of these discounts.


Q: I need to cancel my registration.  What do I do?

A: Email with the name of the attendee and which conference they were registered.  Please be aware of our cancellation policy.


Q: Can I substitute another person in my place for a conference I am registered for?

A: Sure.  You can email before the date of the conference to make the change or you can even send someone in your place at the last minute.  Just make sure they check in under your name and let the person running the registration table know that they are a substitute.


Q: Who can I ask if I have any additional questions?

A: If you have any further questions, please send them to