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Restorative Practice Workshops with Kevin Curtis at your local ESC

2 Workshops at Region 11 ESC open for registration:

2 Workshops at Dallas County Texserve open for registration.

Houston area workshops coming soon!


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Workshop #1 – Leading with Restorative Practices: A Restorative Practices Workshop for Administrators

Dates & Locations:

Dallas County Schools Texserve – Tuesday, April 25th, 2017, 8am-3:30pm

Built specifically for administrators, this workshop will help you to support teachers and students as you implement Restorative Practices on your campus. Traditional school management practices are hierarchical and employ punitive sanctions for student misconduct. This approach is now widely recognized as ineffective. It fails to create a constructive learning environment in which students can flourish and it does not reduce student misconduct. There is mounting evidence that a shift away from traditional practice toward a restorative school climate can achieve these goals. Schools that have been successful in creating this type of school climate recognize that it begins with school administrators who understand and embrace the theory, values and principles of restorative practices and apply them with fidelity in their schools. From educator to educator, join Mr. Kevin W. Curtis, founder of Texas Educators for Restorative Practices, for an in-depth look at the practical applications, lessons learned, and best practices.

Workshop #2 – Restorative Practices in the Classroom

Dates & Locations:

Region 11 ESC – Monday, April 24th, 2017, 8am-3:30pm – SOLD OUT

Dallas County Schools Texserve – Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017, 8am-3:30pm

The use of Restorative Practices is a modern approach that is gaining traction across the state of Texas. Educators in the classroom are looking for effective ways to improve student behaviors and build relationships with millennial learners, while maintaining an environment focused on teaching and learning.  From educator to educator, join Mr. Kevin W. Curtis, founder of Texas Educators for Restorative Practices, for an in-depth look at the practical applications, lessons learned, and best practices for bringing Restorative Practices to reality in your classroom.


Kevin Ckevincolorphotourtis is the Founder and Lead Educational Consultant for Texas Educators for Restorative Practices (TEXRP). He is the Coordinator and Lead Developer for the Restorative Discipline Readiness Training for Administrators offered through TEA and the University of Texas at ten of the Education Service Centers across the state of Texas. In addition, he is currently leading over a dozen school districts in the successful implementation of restorative practice. Kevin was the former Restorative Discipline Coordinator and Assistant Principal at Ed White Middle School in the Northeast Independent School District in San Antonio, Texatexrps where he played an instrumental role in the development, implementation, and support of restorative practices as an alternative method to managing student behavior. This innovative, whole school approach model was the first of its kind in the state of Texas, and has been considered the blueprint that many campuses across the state of Texas are following. Kevin’s website:

Legal Digest is a certified SBEC provider.  This workshop may earn participants 5 CPE hours of General Management training. School Board members, Charter School Board members, Social Workers, LPCs, and LSSPs are also eligible for certification through their organizations.


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Region 11 ESC - April 24th is Sold Out

8:20 am – 3:30 pm

1451 S. Cherry Lane, White Settlement, TX 76108

Map and Directions

Dallas County Schools Texserve

8:20 am – 3:30 pm

5151 Samuell Blvd, Dallas, TX 75228

Map and Directions

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