Mindfulness in the Classroom Workshop

Mindfulness in the Classroom:
A Workshop for Educators Seeking to Teach and Lead Peaceful Practices in Schools

Join mindfulness experts Hilary Simon and Jason Littlefield for this one-day event aimed at helping educators access and implement the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to bring peace into their classrooms and onto their school campuses.

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Perfect for administrators and teachers, this workshop will cover both basic concepts and guided practices on mindfulness, as well as encourage inquiry and sharing to support participant learning. Participants will explore, experience, and learn about mindfulness theories, the neurological and physiological benefits of mindfulness practices, and how mindfulness can be applied to everyday life in our schools. By the end of the workshop, participants will also know how to teach and lead basic mindfulness practices with colleagues and students.

Throughout the day, we will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness and Mindful Breathing: Explore basic concepts of mindfulness and how the breath informs mindfulness practices;
  • Mindfulness and the Body: How our use of our five senses and awareness of our physical bodies inform mindfulness;
  • Mindfulness and the Mind and Heart: Examine the ways we and others respond and cope in times of stress;
  • Classroom Implementation: Explore pragmatic ways to implement practices in the classroom to foster more understanding, trust and peace.

This workshop is designed for all educators, and no previous mindfulness training is needed. Benefits of this training for educators include: moving from a sense of powerlessness to a sense of agency and control in the classroom; decreasing reactivity and impulsivity; shifting into a mindset of non-judgment; increasing positive coping strategies in the classroom; and increasing overall health and wellbeing.

Date & Location:

Houston on October 17th has been cancelled

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