Social & Emotional Learning and Mindfulness Workshop

Social & Emotional Learning and Mindfulness Workshop: Shifting the Paradigm Through a Systems-Based Approach To Fostering Resilience, Engagement and Sustainable Growth Within Your School

Join the people who built the Austin ISD SEL program, Hilary Simon & Jason Littlefield, for an experiential and informative day!

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Positive change within individuals and organizations is possible when we consistently implement practices and structures that value the core-self and support mindful awareness, authentic connection, and compassion. In this interactive workshop, we will coach school leaders of all types in the realization of these foundational understandings, so they may effectively embed them within their organization and build a culture that fosters engagement, growth mindset, unity, and, ultimately, success. Recognizing the challenges of limited resources and initiative fatigue, participants will gain a new perspective of social and emotional learning and access brain-based solutions without having to invest in a new program.

Learning Intentions:

Participants will:

* Define social & emotional learning and mindfulness

* Describe some of the relevant research around the neuroscience of learning and cognition, emotional regulation and social development

* Recognize factors that promote vs prevent growth mindset, engagement and well-being and how they translate to academic success

* Apply new understanding to their roles as leaders and identify the systems and structures that will support their vision

* Demonstrate strategies that support ongoing development of social and emotional competencies within all members of the school community (adult and youth)

* Generate a plan for embedding SEL and Mindfulness throughout their school, reflect on their practice and set goals for their campus

Date & Location:

Thursday, April 5th, 2018, 8:45am – 3:45pm, Registration and Breakfast starts at 8am

Region 11 ESC

1451 S Cherry Lane, White Settlement, TX 76108

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Accreditation: Legal Digest is a certified SBEC provider.  More accreditation information coming soon.

Online registration for April 5th is closed, but we will be taking on-site registrations in the morning starting at 8 am.

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