Certified Specialist in Restorative Practices

Certified Specialist in Restorative Practices (CSRP)

Don’t miss your chance to become a Certified Specialist in Restorative Practices this summer.  These workshops filled up

fast last summer!  We do not currently offer a trainer of trainers, and this is as close as you can get!

This training is built specifically for the campus or district visionary educator who wants to coordinate and support the restorative initiative.  No previous restorative training needed.  A strong foundation in Restorative Practices will be provided at the beginning of the three full days.  Afterwards, participants will build on that foundation as they concentrate on mastering proactive approaches that allow classroom educators to establish a culture built on relationships and meaningful accountability.

Additionally, they will transition into reactive practices so as to develop deeper layers of necessary restorative skills to assist with conflicts and confrontations.  Participants will experience the impact of a circle of support and the power behind the reintegration process of students returning from a discipline alternative campus – the only proactive tool that is designed to break this discipline cycle.  Lastly, a customized plan will be developed for implementation to support and lead others through this differentiated approach to discipline at the campus level.

Attendees will receive a CSRP for their participation in all 21 hours of training.  

From educator to educator, join Kevin W. Curtis, Alan Krenek, Denise “CircleMamma” Holliday, Sarah Coutu and other educators from Texas Educators for Restorative Practices for this amazing experiential training opportunity.

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Kevin Ckevincolorphotourtis is the Founder and Lead Educational Consultant for Texas Educators for Restorative Practices (TEXRP). He is the Coordinator and Lead Developer for the Restorative Discipline Readiness Training for Administrators offered through TEA and the University of Texas at ten of the Education Service Centers across the state of Texas. In addition, he is currently leading over a dozen school districts in the successful implementation of restorative practice. Kevin was the former Restorative Discipline Coordinator and Assistant Principal at Ed White Middle School in the Northeast Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas where he played an instrumental role in the development, implementation, and support of restorative practices as an alternative method to managing student behavior. This innovative, whole school approach model was the first of its kind in the state of Texas, and has been considered the blueprint that many campuses across the state of Texas are following. Kevin’s website: TEXRP.com.


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